My Seattle Bumper Sticker Collection

I’m pretty Seattle-y. I bike to yoga. I’m not too picky about personal hygiene because I’m the outdoorsy type. And, I’m usually confused about whether I am on Pike or Pine.

But, I’m lacking in three major categories. No pet. No weed. No bumper stickers.

I’m too lazy for a pet. Too high on life for weed. But, bumper stickers? I feel a yearning. It’s an old school Seattle thing. There was a time when bumper sticker art was everywhere in Seattle. People expressed their feelings all over their cars. Now that Fremont and Ballard have become condo-ridden hubs for transplants (hey, just saying), we see this endearing habit less often.

I don’t have bumper stickers because my Nordic heritage keeps me from expressing thoughts that might cause conflict – very Northwest. But, if I did have a bumper sticker collection, it would say the following:

KEXP – Where the Music Matters

KUOW 94.9


Ballard Welcomes Our New Condo Overlords

Sorry I Missed Church, I Was Busy Practicing Witchcraft and Becoming a Lesbian

Who Would Jesus Bomb?

What If the Hokey Pokey Isn’t Really What It’s All About?

Metaphors Be with You

Visualize Using Your Turn Signal


And, the only bumper sticker I have actually ever had is: We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.

What would you / do you put on your car?

2 thoughts on “My Seattle Bumper Sticker Collection

  1. Love it, B. I saw this one on an old pick-up truck recently: “Yes, this is my truck. No, I won’t help you move.” Cody used to have only one bumper sticker on his old piece-of-crap Mazda: “Free Ronnie Dobbs” which gave his car instant comedy cred. I don’t have any bumper stickers (being a transplant and all) but if I did, I’d slap on a “LCW” oval (for Lake City Way pride), “Hillary 2016,” “MASSHOLE” (Celtics-themed), and maybe “My Other Car is a Private School Tuition.”

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