The Adventure Continues, in Seattle

Sometimes you gotta go back to home base before you can run forward again, or something like that. I have been in Seattle since Sunday night, after nabbing the last seat on a flight out of Sacramento. My sweet car awaits me in the economy parking at the Sac-town Airport. I hope it’s doing okay in all the heat. Continue reading “The Adventure Continues, in Seattle”

Seahawks Musings: What I Noticed

I am more interested in watching paint dry than watching football. At least paint drying makes sense and serves a valuable purpose. Professional football makes me wonder if we’ve all lost our minds and forgotten about starving children, underfunded schools, and female athleticism. Continue reading “Seahawks Musings: What I Noticed”

“Have You Met My Dog?” – An Ode to the Dog Obsessed

I’m happy for happy dog owners. They’re so happy!! They have encountered a creature that makes them feel love and tenderness like no human ever could. I am so fascinated by all their joy that I wrote a song in which I imagine what they must be thinking… while so happy. Continue reading ““Have You Met My Dog?” – An Ode to the Dog Obsessed”