Quiet Snow Is a Break

You know what I love about snow? It doesn’t make any noise. It makes people move slower and ask each other for help. It begs us to slow down, delight, and feel nature a bit.

The snow this morning is light and will pass soon. My car is stuck with a friend up in north in Edmonds. And, I won’t be able to bike to the gym, I’ll need to walk. While it’s here, the snow has me worried about different things, like personal safety, and rearranging my schedule to allow double or triple time to get places.

I don’t mind because I have the time. It’s Saturday. The best is when it snows on a work day and you have to stay home. I love that. It’s the adult version of a snow day.

I’ll give the snow a glance though it’s very light. I’ll look forward to heavier snow days soon.